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Stone Sealers
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About Shandong Jimswood

Shandong Jimswood Industrial Co.,Ltd. (JICL) is one of the companies invested by Jimswood Group, Ltd. (Jimswood),  which is a privately-held investment firm headquartered in California, USA.    Jimswood is holding substantial interest in a number of companies including GIS technology company, biodegradable utensil manufacturing company, amusement park design firm, real estate brokerage and financial consulting firm.
JICL was the first company to introduce the stone care concept into China and also the first company actually offered professional stone care specialty products and service to the Chinese market in 1993.    JICL has been the exclusive distributor for JSC stone care product in China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) since 1997.  JICL has completed thousands of projects in China from the Chinese Military Central Committee Building (the Chinese Pentagon) in Beijing to tens of Chinese major international and domestic airports including Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Hangzhou Airport, Shenyang Airport, Xi'an International Airport, Wulumuqi Airport, Shenzhen Airport, Qingdao Airport, Chengdu Airport, Wuxi Airport, Guangxi Beihai Airport, Henan Zhengzhou Airport, Changchun Airport and etc.  JICL also has involved with many key train and subway stations and landmark projects such as Hong Kong Disney (Hollywood Hotel).


Davisson Wu, Chairman   Mr. Davisson Wu helped Jimswood established the JICL in March 1994 and was the president of the company from March 1994 to October 2005. He retired from JICL in 2005, but remains as the chairman of JICL and the board director of Jimswood Group, Ltd. ever since. 

Mr. Wu graduated from UCLA with a BA in Economics (Honors) in 1989 and a MA in Urban Planning (UCLA Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, or UCLA GSAUP) in 1993. He also received a MBA and PhD degrees through independent learning programs. In addition, Mr. Wu completed a two-year EMBA program (post-graduate study in BA) at Tsinghua University Economics and Management School in 2001. 
Michael Zeng, General Manager.  Mr. Zeng graduated from Tianjin Industry University with BA and has been the expert of stone care  business in China.

Davisson Wu, PhD with US former President Bill Clinton

Dr. Davisson Wu met with former US Vice-President, Al Gore

Jimswood has been contributing efforts in protecting the earth environment from deteriorating while achieving corporate goals.

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