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Office buildings
Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine State
China Construction Bank branch in Xinjiang Petroleum Professional
Karamay Century Building
Ningbo Grand Theatre
Yangzhou, China Block Printing Museum
Hunan provincial government office building
Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Building
Changchun Institute of Optoelectronics R & D Building, Industrial Park
Zhejiang TV Building
Xi'an Jiaotong Information Center Building
Wuhan City Bank
Customs office of Jilin Tumen
Fangda Tonghua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Jiamusi Local Taxation Bureau
Beijing Bayi Building
Zibo, District Government Building
Jilin Agricultural Development Bank
Linzi District Government Building
China Museum of History
Qingdao Laoshan bureau
Tianjin Triumphal Arch Building
Tianjin Construction Bank
Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Beijing East Chang'an Building, New Asia
INET, Tsinghua University, Beijing Science Building energy
Office of Jilin Province Trust and Investment Corporation
Jilin Province Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Karamay Local Taxation Bureau Building
Xinjiang Oilfield Company
Hangzhou Foreign Economic Building
Heilongjiang Agricultural Bank, Harbin
Changchun City Keyuan Garden
Changchun Radio and Television Center Building
Heilongjiang Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Harbin
Changchun Telecommunications Building
The second long-distance telecommunications hub office in Changchun
Northern Airlines Jilin Branch Office
Hunan Provincial Government Building
Beijing CMC Building
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